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Camping Cooking Cleanup

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How it clean up your camp pots, pans and dishes

Scrape off as much excess food and grease as possible into the trash. The more food you remove now, the longer the wash water will last.

Wash - In a wash tub of warm soapy water, clean off all the remaining food residue and grease. Do not move to the next step until it is clean. When done washing, shake off as much soapy water as possible.

Rinse - In a second tub of hot water rinse off the remaining soap.

Sanatize - Use a third wash tub to sanitize your dishes. Let them soak in a solution of chlorine bleach (1 tbs per gallon) or other sanitizing agent (such as steramine) in any temperature water for 1 minute .

Dry - if possible air dry your dishes. If you are in a hurry use paper towels.  Don't use a dirty dish towel that will just spread bacteria all over your sanitized dishes.

Clean up the clean up - First take the wash water and strain out all the food bits and DISPOSE of them in the trash. Dispose of the water by broadcasting it over a wide area 200 feet from your camp and any river or lake. Take the rinse water, pour it in the wash tub, rinse it around and then broadcast it. Pour the contents of the sanitIzation tub into the rinse tub and let it sit for a minute. Then pour the sanitation solution from the rinse Tub to The wash tub and let iT sit again for a minute. broadcast the sanitization water and let the tubs air dry.

Coffee Percolation


Coffee Percolation Infographic 

Another infographic for you.. Here is a PDF version for easy printing


Brewing Coffee Like Grandpa

  • Start by adding water to the pot for the desired amount of coffee.
  • Place the pump in the pot and place the coffee basket on the pump tube. Make sure that the water level is below the bottom of the basket.
    Add one tablespoon coarse ground coffee per six ounce cup to the basket.
  • Put the basket lid / spreader plate on the basket and then put on the pot lid.
    Start heating the water. Watch the clear knob on the lid for water rising through the tube.
  • When the water starts to bubble, you may need to reduce the heat...You do not want a rolling boil,just enough heat so that water continues to flow up through the tube.
  • After it bubbles up, the water then falls on the spreader plate and through  it onto the grounds. As it percolates through the grounds, it releases the coffee goodness.
  • Let it bubble and percolate for  five to eight  minutes, then remove it from the heat.
  • Your coffee is ready. Pour a cup and  enjoy.

A Helpful Hint... A coffee filter can prevent grounds in your coffee, especially if you don’t have coarse ground coffee available


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