Camping Kitchen Box

The Camping Kitchen Box Chuck Box is the smart way to carry all of your camping kitchen equipment.
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Why the Camping Kitchen Box?

✓ Have all your cooking gear in one place, ready to go.
✓ Have everything organized and easy to get to with actual useful shelves and drawers.
✓ Unlike a heavy wood or metal chuck box which can weigh 30 or more pounds, the CKB is lightweight  and easy to carry.


Dimension Description       W X H X D        Examples of What Fits...
Overall Outside 25" X 22½" X 17" Almost Everything you need for Camp Cooking

Top Compartment

24" X 6"+ X 16½" Most Common Camp Stoves, a griddle  & more
Bottom Left Compartment 11" X 8½" X 16½"  Plates and Cups, a roll of paper Towels & more
Bottom Right Compartment 12½" X 14" X 16½" A 12 Qt Dishpan or 4,  Pots and Pans, a colander, cutting board(s), a roll of paper Towels, a coffee perc & much more 
Inside of Drawers 4½" X 5" X 15½" Cooking Utensils, Eating Utensils, Can openers, Chef knives,Spices & lots more 

Weight: 12 pounds

Color: Opaque White (Blue no longer avaiable) 


The camping Kitchen Box is Handmade. Each plastic panel is measured and cut by hand, and each hole is positioned and marked by hand before being drilled. This means that each one is just a little different from the one made before it and each one has minor imperfections that probably would not be there if made by a machine. None of these imperfections affect the performance of the box.

The Camping Kitchen Box body is made of corrugated polypropylene plastic which is held together with nylon rivets. The webbing is also made of polypropylene. The buckles are also made of plastic, but I can't fins out what type.

What's Included?

The Camping Kitchen box does not come with the table,equipment or lights pictured, just the box.


If you are not 100% satisfied with the quality or workmanship of your Camping Kitchen Box when you receive it, or it is just not what you were expecting, you can return it unused for the full purchase price.

The Camping Kitchen Box is guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials for one year. If during that one year the box fails under normal usage we will fix it or replace it. If you have a warranty issue, please contact us  and we will try our hardest to make everything right.

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