Happy Camper Radio and DeluxeCamping.com

Today I would also like to shine some link love in two places, Happy Camper Radio and DeluxeCamping.com

Happy Camper Radio is a podcast about camping hosted by Skip Huber (who is no relation to me, the proprietor of this web site, Kurt Huber).  So far it is the only camping podcast that I have been able to make it through a whole episode and in fact I keep going back for more. Camping is probably a hard thing to podcast about, but Skip has a great broadcast voice and an enthusiasm that can make anything sound exciting. As far as content, on the Happycamperradio.com  About page, Skip describes his podcast as follows…. “Happy Camper Radio was created for the purpose of encouraging and promoting family oriented style camping.”   which pretty much nails it.

Skip occasionally has guests and on the most recent episode he had the owner of DeluxeCamping.com talking about his products. Deluxe Camping currently has two main products... a camping sink based on the 5 gallon buckets with a primer bulb and a camp shower using a garden sprayer. The techniques of using these technologies are well known and used by avid DIYers , but the proprietor of Deluxe Camping have taken these designs to an extreme level of refinement. DeluxeCamping.com is worth checking out, maybe to purchase thier products, or for inspiration for your own projects.

The Deluxe Camping Sink



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